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Her Own Words


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Women's Stories

The programs in the Her Own Words® series on women's history tell the stories and celebrate the heritage of American Indian women, immigrant women, quilting, rosemaling, and pioneer women's diaries and memoirs.

Materials available from the Her Own Words® catalog are used all over the country as part of programs at career-counseling centers, libraries, museums, schools, and colleges and Women's History Month celebrations.

Jocelyn Riley of Madison, Wisconsin, has been producing videos celebrating women’s history since 1986. “My approach is to let women tell their own stories in their own words and, in the case of contemporary women, in their own voices,” Riley says. “I don’t use narrators, pundits, or commentators to tell the audience what to think about what they’re hearing and seeing. The audience is free to connect their own lives with those of the women in these programs.”


 "Like a silent stream, deep and refreshing"

 - Native Peoples


American Indian Women

“These DVDs feature the songs and stories of Winnebago Women, but their stories and relationships could apply to people everywhere. Instructors could use them for history, culture and human development studies. Excellent examples of the oral tradition, the stories are told by the women who experienced them rather than as interpretations by others. These films bring back something we need to do in our own  families. The length ranges from 15 to 22 minutes, which makes them attractive viewing in the classroom or at home.”

-Tribal College Journal



WOMEN pioneers

"Collections will gain much from the sketches, insights, joys and sorrows of these remarkable women."

--School Library Journal

"America Fever is one of the most moving treatments of immigration I have ever seen; overpowering"

--Practical Historian