Votes For Women?! 1913 U.S. Senate Testimony

Votes For Women?! 1913 U.S. Senate Testimony


DVD length: 17 minutes

Spirited pro- and anti-suffrage arguments seven years before American women achieved full national suffrage in 1920. Anti-suffrage advocate Kate Douglas Wiggin (author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), asserts that women should stay “just a trifle in the background” and exert indirect influence on the men in their lives. Pro-suffrage advocate and Progressive reformer Belle Case La Follette argues that only when women can vote will America be a true democracy. The visuals are a rich compilation of pro- and anti-suffrage materials.

"A lead-in to the study of the Constitutional amendment process" —Library Journal

"A study in points of view; an excellent teaching tool." —Museumedia

"An interesting dramatization of one of the key issues in our nation's development; recommended." —Video Librarian

"Excellent resource guide" —Journal of American History


National Women’s History Project, Write Women Back Into History Award

Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education, Barb Landers Award

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