Prairie Quilts

Prairie Quilts


DVD: 15 minutes

"I tried to put everything I'd learned about the prairie into my quilt," says the narrator of this vivid, first-person story of learning to love the tallgrass prairies. "I quilted my heart out. Nature has been one of my ways of easing my pain at being so far away from everyone I know on the face of the  earth. I love photography, too, but last year it just seemed as though I wanted a kind of control over my life that photography does not allow. On my quilt, if I wanted a butterfly perched on a flower I could put it there, even in winter." The narrator's story comes to life through embroidered and patchwork quilts, as well as the living prairie.

"A rich visual patchwork; a wise purchase."Library Journal

"4 stars—Dazzling; Recommended."Museumedia 

“Pays homage to the beauty of the prairie. Recommended."Video Rating Guide

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