Patchwork: A Kaleidoscope of Quilts

Patchwork: A Kaleidoscope of Quilts


DVD: 15 minutes

“I love to quilt," says the narrator of this evocative 15-minute video celebrating old and new museum-quality quilts together with words women have written about making, using, saving, and treasuring quilts. "There are so many patterns and colors, textures and weaves. People say a quilt is a textile sandwich, but I think it's more like a collage. Making a quilt is like painting, only you have billions of choices of fabric, both old and new. I think I like quilting because it gives me a little control over how things turn out. These quilts are my albums and diaries." A lively soundtrack and elegant, full-color photography enhance the first-person story.

"A visually rich look at the splendid creations of quilts. Recommended." Museumedia

"Absorbing; excellent."Video Rating Guide

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