Audrey Handler, Glass Artist

Audrey Handler, Glass Artist


DVD length: 15 minutes

“Glass has that wonderful quality of glowing from within and from without. It’s an incredible medium,” glass artist Audrey Handler points out in a 15-minute DVD that showcases her distinctive works of art. 

Handler creates sculptures that combine hand-blown glass, inlaid wood, and metals such as sterling silver and gold. “I really like the idea of the marriage between wood, sterling silver, and gold,” says Handler, “I think it has a very wonderful compatibility with these media.” Gathering, blowing, manipulating, and coloring glass are at the heart of Handler’s art. 

Handler’s distinctive sculptures often feature small metal figures against life-size blown-glass forms like apples and bowls. The tiny human forms make the bowls and apples look monumental. “I’ve always liked surrealism,” Handler says.  

“The explanations are particularly effective coming from the artist herself”School Library Journal

“Showcases Handler’s unique sculptures, which combine hand-blown glass, inlaid wood, sterling silver, and gold”Glass Forms

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